“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” - Carl Jung

Meet Brooke


From a young age, I found myself utterly intrigued by two things: 1) physical challenges, and 2) philosophy. I played sports year round and loved improving my physical abilities. In addition to that, I was in awe of the world and wanted to understand how it worked. My mind has always been full of probing questions: "2 + 2 = 4. Okay. But.. why?" I asked my 1st grade teacher. "How many of my beliefs are my own, and how many do I just believe out of habit?" teenage me inquired of my mom as I began to realize that there were things I truly felt and other things that I had simply inherited.

In college, I stumbled into a yoga class where I realized that all my physical and mental endeavors thus far were just the very tip of the iceberg. And yoga posed the perfect place for me to dig deeper.


I couldn't touch my toes. I couldn't hinge beyond 90* in a forward fold. I couldn't stand on a single leg without toppling. And goodness I couldn't separate out my thoughts and feelings from my reality. But for 60 minutes of the day, I was 100% present with my body and my breath. I was, quite simply, hooked.

Yoga quickly went from a hobby to a way of life as I delved deeper into the theory and history of the practice. 

This is Yoga, Too.

Use social media for empowerment, not comparison; discover 3 books to improve your understanding of yoga; determine if you should be taking cold showers instead of warm --- all of this and more awaits you in Brooke's blog. 

Private Yoga Sessions


Take your practice of yoga to new levels in classes tailored specifically to YOU.

Community Yoga


Practice with me in a community setting at the beautiful Firefly Yoga & Wellness studio in Cody, WY. Offerings change by season and request. Visit Fireflyyogacody.com to see what is currently available.

Wellness Consultations (*personal or corporate options available)

What is it your life feels like it most needs right now? How can you get to that place? Work with me to shape and then address the questions that can most fruitfully impact your life.

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